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Learning Continuity Plan Mtg -- Elem Pt 2 - Speaker view
Shereen Jackson
If it is able to go out to other schools, will it still be B&G Club even on campuses where they normally have other childcare? When might it happen at other schools, and how will it be decided which schools would be next?
Cliff De Graw
It won’t necessarily be just B&G Club. We have different partners at different schools. We have been in talks with several partners.
Cliff De Graw
Shereen Jackson
Over the course of the eight sessions, some of our milestones and "homework" will include: implementing school climate surveys; facilitating experiential circles; discussing diversity and assumptions through storytelling; exploring justice and conflict philosophies and principles; and facilitating and planning incident assessment meetings.
Sarah Andropoulos (they/them)
thank you
Jenny Hlebakos
Ty for letting me participate. I am going to eat my burnt dinner with my neglected family. ;)
Sandra Larsen PFT
Time for dinner!